Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz

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A comment in reflection ...

One might ask me "Do I respect the Filipino people?" Absolutely, I have traveled 23 countries and met none better.

If one is to really understand the Philippines -- it is not to be found in text books nor the phrase "300 years in a convent, 50 years in Hollywood." It comes from the heart. Meet a Filipino for the first time and experience a grace no other nationality duplicates. Who else, with a genuine smile, offers hospitality and share all they have with a stranger -- yet may have nothing for themselves.


The taint of the word "corruption"

Once said, it takes many years to erase. Like many nations the Philippines has had it's problems. The mandate from the Office of the President is to prosecute even those in high places to set the example for all levels.

Do not ignore Ms. de la Cruz's past conduct. Her passport had far too many entries for a BIR employee. Her engaging manner with foreigners is well recognized. Her contact with managers of companies in the tax free Special Enterprise Zones is questionable.

She comfortably exchanges fact and fiction to suit her goal. The issues of ill gained monies, properties, unexplained wealth, bigamy and estafa demands an immediate suspension. She has earned her place in perdition.

As a country moving up in world standing, prosecute those that violate standards of government ethical and professional conduct with impunity. To let their actions, even past actions, unpunished implies corruption is normal and allowed.

I believe the Philippines to be genuinely focused against corruption. In many ways a mentor for other countries including my own.



Tim Gordon English


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Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz so often bragged to me "I am untouchable"... is she? Could be a yes or a no.


Success to RD Jonas Amora accepting helm May 30 to steer RR 8 Makati.


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