Maria Zorahaida de la Cruz

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Redemptorist Church Cebu City

Crucifix in hand, explained family's financial support as member. Her father said to be banker was poor Pastor of Free Methodist Church, Butuan City.


And then there was Ormoc to show off ...


Explained as de la Cruz home as that was name on our  Marriage Certificate. Not true! It was home of mother: Thelma V. Subla aka Thelma Villacorte. It seemed more than a vacation home. After insisting,  Zorah admitted also for discrete business meetings.



Spiral staircase, bar complete with expensive inventory, guest rooms, marble everywhere, a terrace 2nd floor for entertaining and  complete gym. Caretaker house on property.


An odd thing she felt necessary to show me.


It was day two of first trip to Cebu and was staying at the Shangri-La, Mactan. Zorah arrived lunchtime with snacks to hold me until dinner and a portfolio of two documents. She proudly displayed her undergraduate and Masters in Public Administration diplomas. It seemed so odd to bring diplomas to the resort.

Always supportive of Zorah's success and pending law degree ... four years later asked if she wanted to enroll in the Harvard University accelerated Masters course for foreign business executives. Zorah was ecstatic and we made plans for her stay in Cambridge. Suddenly, she cancelled everything and that was coincidental with Harvard requesting a copy of her Masters degree in Public Administration for registration. Was her printed Masters in Public Administration diploma genuine? Perhaps not.

Fast forward to the present -- Zorah is enrolled at Stephen Zuellig Graduate School, Asian Institute of Management, for degree in Executive MDM in Public Finance. A bigamist and scammer is not qualified for degree and represent Philippine government activities. She  has lied under oath and committed estafa. She should be tossed out of graduate school.


AIM Leadership and Integrity in Public Finance Management Class of 2015

Photo from   (July 2013 - May 2015)          

The candidate for degree that's an embarrassment to classmates click here


Does Ms. de la Cruz pass test for "unexplained wealth"?


Search property records of Gentle Breeze Subdivision, Subangdaku, Mandaue. Zorah bought properties from former BIR Deputy Commissioner Estelita Aguirre, long-time friend of her mother Thelma Villacorte Subla, a former BIR employee.


Family business Santo Nino de Cebu Finance Corp., office Central Drive Bldg., Mandaue, taken over by Zorah. Does she disclose asset? Does corporation understate yearly taxes and should be a target for Operation Oplan Kandado?

LIST C.1 Registered <Financing Companies> as of <June 30, 2009> SEC Registration/License Number:161125, Tax Identification Number: 000-260-083-000 -- Thelma C. Villacorte (President)


Vacation property in Ormoc, Leyte owned by Ms. de la Cruz. Does she declare asset and pay taxes or hide ownership? Another example of unexplained wealth.


Search property records of # 27, Green Meadows Subdivision, Banawa, Cebu City for the residence above. It is another example of properties she acquired.


"" sent several e-mails to earlier "" website launched 2006. An e-mail 11/19/2008 regarding Zorah's spending is worth checking:

Mr. Tim,

If you really want to pin down Ms. Zorah, I think the internet cafe investment is not substantial evidence because an ordinary Filipino entrepreneur can always have that; and a name / picture of a "lover" is immaterial because Zorah can always deny his relationship with him (like Zorah's father-in-law, he is a military man though and is also married but I am not sure if his previous one is annulled).

I will send u a pic of the Banawa property with the pool in which recent works were just finished last October (she replaced the pebbled finish wall to just plain cement so it can be painted).  Last summer, she had the pool fixed, landscaped the back and front of the house..And this might interest you....her shower/tub system alone is worth Pesos: 250,000.00! and landscaping is Pesos:  200,000.00, not counting the cost of the house and its renovation (in millions) which is originally owned by a German married to a Filipina.

Of course, with the investments she has purchased, you can always request the Ombudsman to investigate or rather give her a LIFESTYLE CHECK, because even if she holds a good position @ BIR, she cannot afford to buy properties ( in COLD CASH!!!) left and right in a span of 18 months that will total to (as per my calculation) Pesos: 40 Million aside from the jewelries she bought for more than P2 Million. 

Did she really have acquired substantial savings during the time the two of you are together that made her afford this kind of spending?  Or if it is because of her work? If it is, of course as a taxpayer, I am offended by her acts because if she acquired this extensive wealth thru BIR, the money could have been the government's and I will be one of the many Filipinos who can benefit it in terms of services, etc.

I have read your letter to the President, maybe no immediate action was done because it can be viewed as something that a bitter man would always try to do because you were betrayed/hurt/dumped/abandoned.  But  had you written the President and furnished a copy to the Ombudsman and asked for a lifestyle check, then maybe that will yield you positive action. Her dishonesty towards you will only establish/prove her persona as someone capable of doing foul deeds.

Going back, as I read your blog, I am thinking that, even if Zorah's way into your life was a "scam" as you claimed, I could sense that she regarded her marrying you then was for keeps.  She was with BIR for a long time and she didn't enrich herself as she is now (maybe because she's taking advantage while she's at it as she never knows just up to when she can hold her position because you are now starting to expose her and she's got 3 daughters whose future she has to secure).  Maybe she was just "holding up" that guy in Amsterdam for some personal motives (which I think her sister who's married to a Dutch national introduced them),  but because she thought she's better off with you, you won that time...she married you.  She may have been dishonest with you about her true identity but she was already separated as early as 1997 long before you found each other, she was free to find "new love" then.  Her husband is not giving her an annulment, and so as not to complicate her"identity", she has to be consistent with her records as a DELA CRUZ, and not a Subla. 

She may have lied to you about her going to law school, maybe because she wanted to stay here in the Philippines because of her job and of her 3 daughters (2 in college taking up Nursing and the youngest in Grade 7).  Had that phone call from Amsterdam one fateful night did not happen, am pretty sure YOU ARE STILL MARRIED TO HER NOW.  By the way, I am curious, have you filed divorce yet?

Did you have the chance to visit her old apartment in Jones Avenue where she and her children lived all their lives before they moved to Banawa? It's a far out thing in terms of environment and living conditions if you compared both. Personally, I think Zorah was "forced" to do what she did in the past because of these circumstances.

Til next mail. Oh by the way, is your email account secure? I mean can't Zorah accessed this, does she know your password?